Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bridal Shower of our dear friend, Miche

(first time blogger)

One of our Friends is getting married on Thursday, 10AM, her name is Miche. Since every one of us is busy with our own job and personal commitment we have decided to give her a surprise bridal shower – which by the look of it you won’t really think it’s a bridal shower but a regular dinner which we always do once every week depending on the day we all have agreed.

I never really know how bridal shower would feel and would look like in a real life, except from what i have seen on movies or TV shows, which is kind of overboard for me to hold considering the background of my upbringing... yes, its 2010 but i could still consider myself belonging from what they say "From Old School". So I thought little dinner, glass of red wine, and a not so sexy lingerie will serve for the night...

Miche is by far the most conservative of all when it comes to clothing, until she met her fiance, who insists on her wearing short dresses and clothes. So, last Friday, Grace and I bought her a pair of lingerie as the group's silly gift for her, a T-back and a black top showing the beautiful shape of her body.


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